17 September 2014

Thurlow Muslin ... Final?

These are made from a fairly thick twill, and they seem to fit well.

The waist is still a bit loose, and I still have some excess height issues in the upper front.

 Maybe they aren't the final muslin ...

12 September 2014

Thurlow Muslin 2

 Adjustments made from muslin 1.  Fit improving.

Better fit in front, and they are comfortable to walk in, but I cannot kneel down comfortably ... my legs resemble sausages ... (lightbulb moment) I suspect my upper leg is bigger than the draft - I need more leg room.

By raising the waist seam, I now need to remove about an inch in total at the top of the waistband to better conform.  And the waistband is now too high ... remove 1/4" in height at seam. 

Thurlow Muslin 1, Sewaholic Pattern

Sewaholic Thurlow Muslin 1 - wow, are these tight!!!

Made as per directions, size 10.  My waist and hips are just a touch smaller than the pattern size.

Granted, this twill has absolutely no give, but these are tight from mid-thigh up to waist band.

I resolve to:
- raise the waistband by 1" in front
- shorten the hem by one width (1.75")
- remove a 0.5" horizontal dart at front hipline
- add 0.5" to the front thigh for ease