07 May 2015

"Tina Givens" "Drennon Tunic" Review

Tina Givens Drennon Tunic is an open side, slit to waist, knee length (on me) tunic covering.  The pattern is free from her website, and is a more streamlined introduction to her patterns (compared to some of the other reviews I've seen).

It would be great for a pool coverup as well.

This is my "toe in the water" dip for the looser fit/lagenlook style that is gaining popularity.  It was made from an old white cotton sateen sheet, dyed with fiber reactive dyes from Dharma Trading Company.

 I think I need to lose another 2" in length in the back so it will hang properly.

I made a small, which fits up to a 44" bust.  I'm generally around 36" give or take.

What adjustments did you make?  And why?
The usual – sway back.  Being that this is such a loose fit item, I did not fiddle with any other adjustments.  In the future I would make a much greater swayback adjustment.

The unusual - 
1)  I did add an inch to the skirt length when cutting.

2)  Sliced off a triangular section of hem at each bodice side. 
The biggest problem I had with the pattern was with the side seam of the bodice and where it meets the waistband.  It was really puckering and sloppy as originally sewn to pattern.

So I unpicked, tried it on, and pinned the pieces where I thought they should go to hang properly (see photo below).  Then I used a fabric marker to indicate the new seam line on the bodice pieces, and transferred that to the pattern.

In the end, I sliced off the pieces that make the bodice so unique and unusual in the flat pattern.  And it fit much better.

Pattern appreciation(s)?
It is free, and a fairly quick sew.  I spent more time making and sewing binding than I did on any other part of this tunic.  (And her binding length recommendation is generous, especially for size small.  If you are short a bit of fabric for the binding, don't sweat it too much.)

Pattern disgruntlement(s)?
You have to use your imagination with the line drawings, and be ready and willing to change it up.  I think this is a fairly well known "issue" with Tina Givens designs.  These are not for by the book sewists who have to follow the directions as written and never stray.

As depicted in the drawing, the tunic laps back over front - which I found to be rather unflattering.  So I switched the lapping to front over back, which controls the loose flipping of the back bodice on my bodyshape/style.  Much better.

What body does this pattern fit (in your estimation)?
This is a little harder to answer.  Himself said the pictures make me look shorter and wider than I really am. 

I think the skirt needs to be either shorter or longer for me.  Especially as worn with an A-line skirt that causes additional width at the knee area.

Would you buy this pattern again?
I'm not sure.  My wardrobe is in flux at the moment.  Depending on the direction I take with it, I can see either several more Drennon's in my future, or none.

I believe we should all step out of our comfort zone from time to time, and this is one of those patterns for me.  It could lead to some interesting results!

06 May 2015

Seborrheic Dermatitis Update 3 - Autoimmune Protocol

I have had highs (practically clear) and lows (how many flares must one person survive?) since last update.

I started using a honey mask before bed, guessing that "maybe" the anti-fungal properties of the honey would get rid of the last of my issues.  And I was looking so good, that I started adding food back in following Paleo Mom's book and website.


And then I had a mega-flare.  So I may have problems with the following foods:
tomatoes (fresh, cooked may not be a problem) (ugh!)
soybeans (I can adapt)
cinnamon (ugh!)
sugar (ugh!)

And this is how my face typically looks.  A bit of breakout "flare" response, little redness.  People still tell me I have beautiful skin ... and I just ... die ... every ... time!  THIS IS NOT BEAUTIFUL. 

Okay, okay.  I should not take out anger on ALL my skin, when just a bit of it is ugly.  Perhaps.

I have started using Stonybrook Botanicals Unscented Hand & Body Lotion on the SD areas rather than my oils from winter.  I got a bit crazy with the oil usage, and I believe that led to one of my mega-flares.

As to food, I'm still cooking more than grabbing for the processed foods.  But it will be an easy road to trip back to bad habits.  So I make a strong attempt NOT to buy what I do not want to be eating.  And my weekly cart is still filled with as much produce as processed foods, and most of it is for Himself.

I continue playing around with topicals and food combos in my journey to turn this off.  

I went lotion free for a while, but that led to as many issues with dry skin as too much oil.  So, lotion as needed.

I have ordered some sulfur ... maybe I also have a micro-nutrient deficiency?

The saga continues ...

Closing on a positive note, my sun sensitivity does not seem nearly as bad this year.  Did I fix that immune issue?