22 August 2007

NP - Water-based Suncoat

Water-based Nail Polishes

I've flirted with the environmentalist approved polishes from time to time.

I tried the old peel off polishes from Honeybee Gardens that ended up being a gloopy mess shortly after ownership began. Additionally, dry time was cry inducing and longevity was cuss inducing (one day manis anyone?).

My latest foray into water based polishes trialled the mostly everything free Suncoat. These have some great advantages over their predecessors, but they also have a major disadvantage. They dry quickly, even three coats plus a topcoat. And they last about as long as any other manicure of mine lasts (3 days).

I guess I should point out that I wash my hands at least 20 times a day. I have pets, and my nails are tools. In essence, I'm lucky when I can get 3 days out of a polish. I've usually got some tip wear within a couple of hours. Needless to say, I never go out for a "professional" manicure. Who wants to waste that kind of money?


The ingredients list of Suncoat polishes, direct from their website (they aren't hiding their chemistry):
Acrylate copolymer
styrene-acrylate copolymer
Glycol ether
Benzoate ester
+ Color additives

I've got 5 colors:
11 - Sienna
16 - Plum
27 - Innocent Nude
31 - Beige
32 - Apricot

These polishes tend to be a bit sheer-er than I am used to. So 3 coats is not unusual, but as I said, they dry fast so an additional coat isn't such a problem. They don't have the smoothest application, but I've never found a great polish that does (I am the queen of brush marks). They also have a slightly musty odor, unlike any other polish I've tried. It is a nice change from, "Please do your nails somewhere else, that stuff stinks!"

So, why don't I have a drawer full of Suncoat polishes. They do have their downside. They are a MASSIVE pain to remove, and the longer you let your manicure/pedicure go, the harder they are supposed to be to remove.

I left my polish for no longer than 4 days, and it took 20 minutes to remove the polish. I'm used to 5 minutes at the most.

All the time I made up for by having a quick drying polish, I lost when having to remove said polish.

You can use their corn-based remover, regular remover, or even basic water. However, you will probably be scraping away polish from your nail, and that is guaranteed to remove your topmost nail layer (or at least a portion thereof).

I've got fairly thin nails, disregarding the weapons hanging off my pointer fingers, and I need all the nail bed I can salvage. So I can't wear this stuff week after week. Maybe once a month at most.

If you have: thick nails, zen moments while buffing, and still despise the scent of the new OPI, China Glaze, and Zoya polishes, I recommend looking over Suncoat's offerings. I love their number 11 Sienna shade, it is reminiscent of OPI's new Don't Melbourne the Toast.

27 - Innocent Nude is a great shimmery nude, blends in well
31 - Beige is ever so slightly deeper than 27 - Innocent Nude
32 - Apricot is really a peach, fairly sheer
16 - Plum is ... a shimmery plum, I haven't actually worn it, so I can't describe it any better than the sample

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