10 August 2009

Polish Swatch - China Glaze Oh How Street It Is

For the first couple of days wear, I swore that China Glaze "Oh How Street It Is" was too orange. But it has grown on me.

It is right on that line of being a more reddened orange than an orange-red. Definitely one of the most orangey colors I have.

Unfortunately, I can't recommend the longevity. I have obvious tip wear by day three. Which is when these photos were taken.

In an attempt to make them last a couple more days, I added a coat of Nubar's "Gilded Gold." Which is my new favorite effects coat. It really looks like an aging Tuscan finish, where part of the gilded outer layer has worn away to reveal the base color.

I bought it to wear over my cremes. I've given up on finding a orangey-red frost or microglitter. But if I can find the creme, I can make it a microglitter. And this does it one better. It is a lovely effects coat. I suspect this is one bottle I will use up.

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