15 January 2010

Nfu-Oh 62, polish swatch

Here's another polish that seems to defy other bloggers' descriptions.

I purchased this because the color card seemed to suggest 62 was a peach shade, even though many word descriptions described this as a silver holo. I took a chance.

What is it? Peach.

62 is a highly reflective polish, and the difficulty comes in seeing more flash than base color. The direct light hits a beautiful peach shade, and immediately gives way to the rainbow reflections of green, blue, purple, gold, and silver.

I think this will work on just about anybody because of the rainbow integration. Regardless, it was nice to find a "warmer" holographic.

Having (unfortunately) used the Nfu-Oh Aqua Base recommended for holos, I got squat wear out of this polish. I think it lasted a day ... maybe.

As such, I do NOT recommend the Aqua Base. I really need to try it again with an appropriate base for a true longevity reading.

One really (REALLY) interesting note occurred during top coat application. The top coat mattified my Nfu-Oh polish. I was heart-broken. There goes all the lovely holo goodness. Then the TC dried, and the holo reappeared. I've never seen anything like this response from OPI's My Private Jet (the only other holo I own). Anybody else seen this?

I can only guess that the wet top coat scattered the light in such a way as to disrupt the holographic flash.

62 is NOT a work appropriate shade! :) But it is fun. If you have the chance to try them out, and like/love holographic polishes, Nfu-Oh has several of them.

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