16 July 2014

I Quit ... my job

And so ...

I had such high hopes for the oil industry and my positioning to become an Environmental, Health, and Safety expert in the field.

However, as consistently listed in many books I've read on females in the workforce, I found myself bored, de-motivated, and frustrated. 

As a result, I took a long, hard look and said, "Why am I doing this to myself?"  And I could not come up with a good reason.

I want to be challenged, excited, and motivated at work (and elsewhere).  When I can't find that, I have no reason to continue.  So I stopped.

Am I sorry, Sheryl?  Eh, to a point ... I guess.  I have a lot to offer, and I prefer to feel useful.  But I did not feel useful.  I felt battered by the ancient business practices of the oil field.  And as such, I submitted my notice, apparently shocking most of the people at work, to draw back and "re-assess."

Where do I want to focus my energies now?

To start off, I took the dogs for a run.  Good for them and good for me.

Holding still for a post run camera shot was difficult ... "Massi, look this way. No, this way!" 

At least Delta can pose.

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KathleenS said...

Heyyy! All the best with your reevaluation. It does sound like a good idea at this point, sadly.