13 October 2014

Heart Rate Monitor Damage

In deep summer (Jul/Aug timeframe), I decided to pick up running again ... outside.  I had only run on the treadmill previously since a start time of 4 am necessitated indoor as opposed to outdoor activities.

It is a great stress reliever, calorie burner, and one of the few exercise activities in which dogs can easily participate (strangely, gyms seem to frown on canine companions).

Shortly thereafter, I began developing a persistent rash that quickly devolved into broken skin.  And I will not share how much pain I was in during those last couple miles of each and every single run.

Behold the joys of living in humid environs ...

This is my upper ab/lower chest where the transmitter of my heart rate monitor rests during exercise.

This did not heal for a month (the surrounding skin remained very healthy being regularly slathered in almond oil or shea butter to reduce further irritation).  This experience was my reminder that anti-chafe products are worth their weight in gold (so-to-speak).

I repurchased Body Glide (http://www.bodyglide.com/products/) "The Original" to see me through the rest of summer.

However, I'm on the lookout for a spray product for easier application.  

I ordered Skin Strong's "Slik Skin" (http://skinstrong.com/slik-anti-chafing-spray/) for testing.  I could not find any locally, so the internets to the rescue once again.

This rash issue has not re-occurred (although today's run in the drizzle was hot and moist ... ick).  However, I have been flipping my HRT 180 degrees to minimize contact.  

I now wear it upside down.

My transmitter is the Polar Wearlink.  Photographs borrowed from http://www.wristopcomputer.co.uk and http://www.heartmonitors.com.


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