06 May 2015

Seborrheic Dermatitis Update 3 - Autoimmune Protocol

I have had highs (practically clear) and lows (how many flares must one person survive?) since last update.

I started using a honey mask before bed, guessing that "maybe" the anti-fungal properties of the honey would get rid of the last of my issues.  And I was looking so good, that I started adding food back in following Paleo Mom's book and website.


And then I had a mega-flare.  So I may have problems with the following foods:
tomatoes (fresh, cooked may not be a problem) (ugh!)
soybeans (I can adapt)
cinnamon (ugh!)
sugar (ugh!)

And this is how my face typically looks.  A bit of breakout "flare" response, little redness.  People still tell me I have beautiful skin ... and I just ... die ... every ... time!  THIS IS NOT BEAUTIFUL. 

Okay, okay.  I should not take out anger on ALL my skin, when just a bit of it is ugly.  Perhaps.

I have started using Stonybrook Botanicals Unscented Hand & Body Lotion on the SD areas rather than my oils from winter.  I got a bit crazy with the oil usage, and I believe that led to one of my mega-flares.

As to food, I'm still cooking more than grabbing for the processed foods.  But it will be an easy road to trip back to bad habits.  So I make a strong attempt NOT to buy what I do not want to be eating.  And my weekly cart is still filled with as much produce as processed foods, and most of it is for Himself.

I continue playing around with topicals and food combos in my journey to turn this off.  

I went lotion free for a while, but that led to as many issues with dry skin as too much oil.  So, lotion as needed.

I have ordered some sulfur ... maybe I also have a micro-nutrient deficiency?

The saga continues ...

Closing on a positive note, my sun sensitivity does not seem nearly as bad this year.  Did I fix that immune issue?


tinyjunco said...

hi Kira! ugh, i have had rosacaea and perioral dermatitis for decades. I feel your frustration and irritation (literal!).

however, you said: " THIS IS NOT BEAUTIFUL" and i have to disagree. People are not blowing smoke up yer patootie. Sure i can see the sad spots on your skin, but honey it simply GLOWS from inside! Incandescent, like you imagine the angels coming down from heaven or wherever they hang out.

so much so that it blasts out whatever impression the little divots make. I wish you luck and success in getting a more comfortable, healthy skin. But you look gorgeous. steph

Kira said...


I am humbled, speechless, and grateful.

I simply could not get through reading your comment out loud to my hubby ... I passed the phone over instead, since I was too choked up to speak.

I now think of you when I get "down in the dumps" and upside down goes my frown.

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!