16 October 2006


Presenting ... Herself! in the ... metal?

I'd been dreaming of an industrial machine for over a year. Gigi, Ann, and Ed over at Stitcher's Guild were a large source of my anguish. I didn't actually have a place in my sewing room for an industrial machine, but their comments and suggestions were so enticing.

Ann said it best, "I can make wadders in about a third of the time!" What joy, what fun, who could resist the possibilites? Not I.

Outdoors was out, the heat and humidity would leave Herself rusting for the majority of the year. The garage occupancy was already maxed. As was every other room in the house. But wait, there's that one room that's hardly ever used. I might have to throw out a chair or two, maybe a table. But I was sure an industrial could fit with room to spare. No, no, no, not the dining room. I do need to eat. The guest room. It's great! Rarely used (as in once every couple of years), and it's not like guests need to do anything but sleep. As long as they have a fairly straight shot to the bed they are set for their stay. And hey, being that Herself only takes up half the table, they do have someplace to put their luggage.

You know, if I got rid of ALL the furniture except the bed, I think I could fit two more in the room. I've got Herself now for medium to heavy duty sewing. But I've got to tell you, my overlocker is slow as molasses (I've decided a drapery business is not anywhere in my future ... I hemmed 5 lengths of fabric for a friend ... the high speed on the serger is just agonizingly sloooooow).

I think an industrial overlocker and a coverstitch machine could fit. Like I said, if the guests can get to the bed, what else do they need?


Gorgeous Things said...

Kira, congratulations! I know you will love her and she will love you right back for years and years to come!

Gigi said...

Congratulations! Once you go industrial, you can never go back. ;-)