02 March 2007

Grad School Interference

Well, heading back to grad school really squashed a lot of my sewing plans. I've barely touched Herself ... I have figured out the tension, but it is so easy to adjust that I can't claim much in the way of progress.

However, I plan to begin work on a handbag this weekend. In addition to 1 "Scholarly" paper, 1 research paper, and 1 experiment/research based paper ... and so on and so on.

Starting with ... Vogue 8274

View C/D 14.5" W × 12.5" L, with 3 (!!!) main compartments

I've got a wide-wale med. cranberry corduroy I purchased from Ressy's Co-op many, many moons ago. It's a color that you look back on and think ... "Why in the world did I buy this?"

It is absolutely lovely, which is why it hasn't found it's way to the Goodwill pile yet, but I never wear red. Which means it will be perfect for a bag. (It will even match my glasses).

I will never again worry that my pants (shoes, belt, jacket, nails, eye-liner, coat) clash with my purse. No problem. And considering color theory ... since I wear greens, browns, and the ocassional blue, red is either complementary or triadic with each of my typical wardrobe colors. (So is purple for that matter, but purple is a little too strong for me.)

Back to the bag in question, I sat down and thought about all the additions I will need to make: which comes out to one loop for keys and 8 pockets - flashlight, makeup, pda, phone, wallet, check-book, writing utensils, and business cards. I've gotten so sick of looking into the bottomless pit that is my purse, I've decided I need to make something that will work for me (rather than against me).

The closest I've ever come to a good purse is Overland Equipment's Donner

But all of the useful stuff is in the front pocket section ... which gets bulky fast.

So, I will design my pockets around my everyday items and while the danged purse won't be any lighter, it will be much more useful (and attractive, might I add).

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