01 January 2008

Goals - 2008

2008 Plans

I have several plans/goals for 2008. They include:

- Finding my holy grain eye liner -
I'm tired of smudgy eye liners that end up in my crease within a couple of hours, but I'm also unwilling to coat myself in primers and finishers that blast my makeup in place for the a 48 hour minimum hold ... this is going to take a while.

- Finishing more items of clothing -
This will include: finding more TNT (tried 'n true) patterns and working harder at finishing items in a timely manner (no more 3 month coats). If I can finish one item a week, I'll have 52 new items of clothing in my closet by the end of 2008.

- Eating healthier
Can I go strict vegetarian?

- Dropping some fat and adding some muscle
Workout more often, and lift more weight

- Figuring out my best manicure
Best base, lacquer, and top combo

- Find a great job
Something in: engineering, environment, biology, wetland, superfund cleanup, etc.

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