04 March 2008

NP - OPI - Lunch at the Delhi

Review - OPI's Lunch at the Delhi

While it will not be as long lasting as the famous Zoya Natalie 8 day mani, this is coming up on day seven.

At day six, it had two miniature chips, one on each pointer finger.

Between the start and end of my workday, being day seven, several large chips appeared, necessitating emergency removal of the polish that evening.

Other than that, there was a bit of tip wear, but I am pleased. With my recent experience of OPI's "I'd Like to Thank" still fresh, I was thoroughly impressed with the longevity of my new "Lunch at the Delhi."

I like the color: an odd mix of mango red, passion fruit, and orange-red depending on the lighting conditions. This cream is an unusual shade, difficult to describe. It is not a loud nor a bright red, but it approaches such descriptors. Additionally, it bares little resemblance to the bottle color, which I consider all the better.


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