18 July 2010

OPI Designer Series Treasure

For those who like orange and pink together.

OPI DS Treasure has a sheered mid-pink base with a suspension of gold and orange microglitter.  I think you would need three plus coats to start tackling VNL.

The above smear shows the base pink color on white paper.  You cannot see the glitter in the poor shot.

My ring finger has one coat, the middle and pointer finger have two coats.  An enlarged picture shows you a bit more of the fire within this polish.

And here's a great view of the base color.  When I saw it was described as a coral on OPI's website, I was expecting something more than a basic pink with orange glitter.  And since I dislike it so, I'm really surprised I don't see more swatches of it up online.   I expect this to be the type of color that a lot of pink lovers would jump on.  Pink and orange are a lovely summer combination.  If you have a cooler skin tone, check it out.

The formula was nice and dried rather quickly.  Something I'm coming to expect from the more recent OPI's.  It is a bit sheer, which will cause a problem for some but none for others.

Why this is a designer color, I do not know.  It has none of the complexity of my other designer series colors.  As is my batting average with OPI, I don't like it purely for the base color alone.  Mine is going in the give-away pile.

The hubby does not like it either.  It reminds him of something a little girl would wear.

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