18 July 2010

OPI Meet me at the Star Ferry and Zoya comp in Ivy

OPI's Meet me on the Star Ferry (MMOTSF) was in my last OPI purchase.  Really, the last one I will ever make.  Since they have decided to only sell full price, I have decided to take my money elsewhere.  Their polishes are not worth $8.00+ a bottle to me.

And I suppose this is a very good example of why they aren't worth it - pretty color, too cool.  The glitter in this is silver.  Which makes it clash a bit with my skin.

It is a great base color, but everything else added in makes it look sickly on my fingers.

For a comparison, here is Zoya Ivy (left), OPI MMOTSF (middle), and Zoya Pru (right) ... I always think of Ivy and Pru as sisters, though they really aren't.  Zoya Ivy has a very similar base color to MMOTSF, though it is more sheer.  The biggest difference is the shimmer, Zoya's is gold.  So it enhances rather than detracts from my skin color.

Here is a bottle comparison.  The OPI will be deposited in my give away pile, the Zoya will stay (I've worn Ivy several times).

In support of OPI's MMOTSF, it has a beautiful formula that dries just right (neither too quickly nor too slowly).  The brush does seem a bit narrower than other Pro Wides I've used, since I could paint my pinky without spending half an hour in clean up.  It did not chip or show any wear within 24 hours.

On the Zoya side, Ivy stained my nail red in 30 minutes of wear, with a base coat.  I wonder if Ivy is causing my main staining problem ... along with all those reds.  I wear Nubar Nu-Nails whenever I wear a staining polish.  I never considered Ivy a stain offender.  I know better now.  Since the vast majority of my staining had grown out, I was looking forward to some sheerer shades.  Now, I've got one funky red ring nail.  Shoot!

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