17 September 2010

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Chlorophyll Polish Swatch

I have a first look at Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) new lacquer, Chlorophyll.   As if I could turn away from something with that name ... though I originally placed the order for Swamp Thing.  The new Chlorophyll just jumped in the cart to ride along ...

They have very low toxicity, some really unique colors, but still a fairly narrow color range in toto.

My first order arrived with five bottles of polish and one lip tar side by side and surrounded by pop-corn. Needless to say, not every bottle arrived intact. Chlorophyll broke and oozed onto and in every other part of the order.

What a stinky, icky mess!

I emailed OCC and requested that they replace the entire order and refund my shipping (I placed my order with their emailed free shipping code, and they charged me for shipping anyway).

I got a lightening fast response from Anthony at OCC that they would replace the order at no charge, and refund my shipping due to circumstances ... Huh?

So my replacement order arrives today and I am thrilled to tear into my package. This time the order arrives properly protected in a cardboard lacquer shipping box surrounded by popcorn. I paper swatch all of my new colors and try out Chlorophyll.

All my new colors have beautiful flow on the swatch, except for Chlorophyll. It is a thicker polish and the brush is a nasty flyaway mess (it looks like it was caught in a blender on the way out). However I was able to swatch my left hand and I am impressed.

Chlorophyll is a lovely, highly pigmented, medium blue-green that rests just a touch on the greener side. It also dries to a satin finish. Considering how thick the polish was and the funky problems the brush added to the mix, I did one coat and settled down to await a long dry time ... And promptly rammed my pinky nail into the table. No dent, no smudge. Wow, quick dry time.

There is the slightest hint of VNL with this one coat. I would not expect any trace to remain following a second coat (and a second coat does indeed eliminate all VNL). Brush issues aside , I love this color and its application (and dry time, do not forget that). With the satin finish, you have the option to gloss it up with a top coat or leave as is.

 And I believe this polish has a future date with an Nfu-Oh flakie ... which ones to try?!?

How about Nfu-Oh 41, a yellow glitter based red/orange flakie topcoat?

I've been awaiting the shipping refund and decided to check my account one last time before complaining about how those no good so and so's still have not refunded my shipping costs. Only to find out they comped the entire order. Oh OCC, mea culpable for all those little irritating notions I mentally sent your way. Honestly, this is the best customer service I have ever gotten from a domestic cosmetic or lacquer/polish company. I've sent dozens of emails to nail polish and other cosmetic firms (usually regarding ingredients or color suggestions), and if the company is US based, I'm blown off 90% of the time. This goes for other companies as well, btw.

I will contact OCC and see if they will replace the brush, none of the other polishes has a wonky brush, so I suspect it is the luck of the draw that landed me with this unusual issue (the only other wonky brush I have run into was an RBL polish).

I cannot begin to explain how thrilling I find the short ingredients list in OCC polishes.  So while their packaging may leave a bit to desire from time to time, I cannot complain at ALL about the level of customer service OCC extended this new customer.

Consider me a happy to return customer, OCC.

Update:  OCC quickly replaced the brush for Chlorophyll.  I did have some difficult detaching the existing brush from the handle but I am not very strong in my hands and have some nerve issues.  Once I finally popped it out, the new brush slid into place without too much difficulty.  Much better application with a non wonky brush, btw. 

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