25 October 2010

McCall's 4304 Kimono Pattern becomes a summer robe

I made this pattern when it first came out many, many years ago.  I used a transparent deep turquoise rayon and have worn the kimono top when I remember it.  Being that it located in a drawer and not hanging in the closet, it is a bit easy to forget about.

Forward to the last year or so, when I kept saying to myself, I need a summer robe.  And after checking and re-checking all the robe patterns, I had only one thing to say, "Yuck!"

I dislike most shawl collars, and all I could think was Granny wear and I are not ready to get cozy.

Having set aside a cotton sheet after its useful life came to an end (where did all those stains come from?), I had planned to use it as muslin or something wearable.  It became my comfy summer robe.

Going by my earlier use, I traced a straight medium, added length for my long torso, and took out an inch for my sway back.  I also lengthened the pattern by about 8" and gave the skirt a little more of an A line shape (more flattering to my full hips than a straight shape).

I made french seams throughout this garment, it will keep that slinky cotton from disintegrating at too fast a rate.  The only difficulty came in matching the sleeves at the armhole.  Getting the two seams to play nice at the armpit was an exercise in patience, but it is done.

Behold, the summer robe ...

I like the loose fit and the big kimono sleeves.  Houston can be agonizingly hot in the summer so the ease is necessary for comfort.  It also covers enough that I would walk to the mailbox without too much discomfort. 

I used a quilting cotton for the neckline, both to reinforce the flimsiness of this fabric and to give me some color up near my face.  As much as I like my sheet, it is not the best color for me - the cotton neckline is a great contrast. 

So here I am, wrapped in comfort.  I recommend this as a lounging outfit.  Works great.  :)

You can find Kimono patterns in costumes, jackets, and tops.  June Colburn usually has an offering with Simplicity (though you can also get them directly from her website).


Kathleen said...

Very nice. I like the branches.

Anonymous said...

Very cool choice of color for a summer robe and the collar accent just works perfectly. =)