30 June 2012

Exercise and Running clothes ... the top side

I started out wearing my cotton exercise clothing for working out ... cotton shorts, cotton yoga pants, cotton yoga tops.  I like cotton, most of the time, and it had worked out well for all of my previous forays into exercise.

But ...

I started developing "issues."  Let us just say a little "chafing of the cheeks" and leave it at that.

So I began looking for alternatives that wick sweat and dry quickly.  I pulled out my simple Ibex bra, and ran in that.  Wow, what a change from sticky, heavy cotton (regardless of the fact that cotton starts out lightweight, it quickly droops with sweat).

Since my Ibex bra did so well, I bought two more.

Ibex's Balance Light Bra

This is not recommended for high impact activities, and it was originally purchased as a travel bra since I would not have to wash it much (it performed very well on vacation).

For me, it also performs well as a running, walking, aerobics, and weight lifting top.  Being that my body type does not store much body fat above the waist, I am not overly endowed in the chesticles department.  As such I have no fear of falling out, nor of pain, as a result of enthusiastic movement within the confines of this article of clothing.

I highly recommend it for B cups and smaller for anything you desire to do within it.

Granted, in aerobics, I do hear what little arm fat I have cheering me on as it flaps against my rib cage, but that it NOT the fault of the bra!


Ibex's Balance Sport Top

Since I enjoyed my bra so much, I decided to try the Sport Top.  I'm not likely to go out in company with my belly exposed - it does not get sun, it is a bit flabby, and I just would not be comfortable saying "Hey world, can you guess how much body fat I carry by looking at my abs?"

I did find the low side cut a bit disconcerting the first two or so times I wore it, but I've quickly gotten used to it and would not want it any other way.  I currently have two.  They can get a little warm in extreme heat, but I'm quite comfortable in anything at or under 80 degrees F.

I do have a variety of tank tops from Smartwool and Icebreaker, but prefer to use them in "nice" outfits rather than as exercise clothes. 

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