05 February 2015

Butterick 6031 Muslin Review


Butterick 6031 is available from http://butterick.mccall.com/b6031-products-48003.php?page_id=147.

In the continuing saga to fill undergarment holes in my wardrobe, I decided to buy Butterick 6031 after seeing a photograph of the crotch lining piece.  Given its wide base, along the excellent modeling ... ahem ... hind view, I thought these would work better than other panties that appear too high cut. 

After I pulled all the pieces out, I decided to throw together a bra and compare its fit to McCall's 5651.  Keeping in mind that this is not drafted as a bra ...

What adjustments did you make?  And why?
The usual – Bra front one size smaller than back.

No further adjustments made, pattern cut out as drafted.

Pattern appreciation(s)?
I like the deeper back of this bra as compared to McCall's 5651.  As I drew it out, it is approximately 2 7/8 inches deep, compared to the 1.25 inches (from memory) of M5651.

Pattern disgruntlement(s)?
This bra front is too deep and cannot rest against my chest.  Rather it sits away from my chest.  This might be good for hot summers (and cami's), but I prefer fit to body.

I would need to take 1/2" dart out of the front armscye if made again (common adjustment for me in sleeveless styles).

The panties are fairly uncomfortable since they cut into my front hip (my most common complaint with RTW).  I believe this is due to my sway back (and resulting hip rotation) as well as a too short crotch length.

What body does this pattern fit (in your estimation)?
If you fit RTW panties easily, this may be your perfect pattern.

Would you buy this pattern again?
For the most part, this pattern is a fail for my personal desires and comfort.  I plan to place this pattern in my cull pile and send it on to a better home than my own.

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