01 February 2015

Sherpani Soleil Tote Review - a Mary Poppins travel bag

A light colored interior is very helpful.

After my last vacation, a multi-purpose purse was on my list as a must have travel accessory.  I wanted: light colored interior, ability to carry as backpack and purse, fits definition of personal item for airline travel, and easily holds everything I need for daily carry plus my camera.

I spent hours searching online, and eventually settled on Sherpani's Soleil lightweight travel bag.  One can carry it as a tote (2 handles), a bag (one adjustable shoulder strap), and a backpack (two hide away straps).  I believe I purchased it from REI (right before the coupon arrived from them, of course)!

And it is as a backpack that I carry it most often.

The Soleil held up well to rain and snow, and I consider it a practically perfect travel bag. 

What I do not like:

1) The weight of the contents I typically carry on vacation is showing via stretching of some seams (nothing has broken, ripped, or failed).  I do wonder how long this pack will last.

2)   I wish it had a zippered internal pocket for my wallet.

3)  The tote handles are irritating when carrying the purse in backpack configuration.  They rub against my neck until I can force them away from my back.  Looser/less firm handles, on the other hand, would cause a new set of problems.  I will need to think on adjustments I can make, as I do use the tote handles, but would prefer them to be ... some other description.  

I also carried this to the International Quilt Festival ... in fact, I haven't changed "out" of this purse since the Quilt Festival.  Hm.

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