19 March 2007

Hot Patterns in March

In some of my down time during spring break, one of my favorite pattern co-ops began running a Hot Patterns sale. I was so excited, I signed up for 10 patterns. It's not so much that I won't pay full-price for a HP ... it's just that there were several patterns that I like that whisper rather than scream at me.

The screamer's are purchased soon after release. The whisperer's are not.

But as my luck runs, HP has decided to cancel all on-line sales (not their own) and the co-op was deleted.

So I'm left with a decision ... which HPs do I REALLY, REALLY want???

As turns out, there were 4. I started out with 13, went to 6, and finally 4.

They are ...

HotPatterns Artful Dodger Bustle Back Skirts

I think this can be a good work piece.

Classix Nouveau Indispensable Dress

I've tried a McCall's pattern and was disgusted by my drafting troubles. Another good work basic for when my mood wants to be in a dress.

Classix Nouveau Sportive Skirt Suit

A casual Friday suit. In slightly more casual fabrics than during the week, but still something that says, "I'm the boss, I'm in charge."

Wong-Singh-Jones Mandarin Wrap Blouse

Honestly, I have no idea why the last pattern appeals to me. It looks a bit sloppy, and I tend to wear my clothes neat (shoes are a different matter).

Maybe I need a weekend blouse?

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