07 May 2008

Nerve Difficulties

I've been struggling with Ulnar nerve problems and Seborrheic Dermatitis for months now.

Here's some suggestions for those with similar conditions.

Ulnar Nerve -
This nerve runs from the shoulder to the elbow, and along the bottom and outside of the forearm and enervates the ring and pinky fingers.

Have you hit your "funny bone?" That's actually the ulnar nerve getting compressed.

Copy written http://www.neurosurgery.ufl.edu/Patients/ulnar.html via devtopics.com

I was diagnosed with Ulnar Neuropathy ... basically nerve damage from compression. Luckily not a bad case ... what was my downfall?


Specifically sitting in a chair with armrests, and resting my elbows on them.

Other people experience these problems due to the resting of the wrist when mousing.

A couple of adjustments have improved my computer and reading experiences immensely.

1) Remove the armrests from the chair ... no use tempting fate

2) Buy a forearm rest for computer work

3) Buy a "neutral" position mouse

4) Limit computer time

5) Stretch

6) Buy a pair of electric scissors for cutting

7) Switch to non-dominant hand for daily activities

My new scissors, My-T-Fine, http://www.mytfinecutter.com/

I chose it over several other options, because it has a NiMH battery, which is a step up from the NiCad batteries of old, though not as good as the LiIon of the future.

They can't do fine work, I wouldn't cut lace motifs with them, for instance. But anything else is like cutting though room temp. butter. Easy.

Several weeks later, I'm back to all normal activities, with care. I want to ensure that I never develop this problem again. So I am careful where I rest my arm, and what I do with hand.

My doctor shared other cases he's seen: using the fleshy side of the hand as a hammer, resting the wrist against something (especially if the object has no give and the pressure is concentrated rather than spread), and elbow injuries. So add these to your list of don'ts.

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