22 March 2010

Ginger+Liz Swagger Review and Swatches

A glittery metallic smorgasbord of pink.

Copied from Ginger+Liz website
Swagger description "So what you strut like a “rooster in a hen house”. Why shouldn’t you? You’ve got it, flaunt it! Swagger is a sexy, tough luxe metallic with rose gold undertones. Rock Glam, Casual Chic and Bohemian styles of dress are perfect contenders for Swagger. And as Liz often says, the colour is just “sexy”!"

I have a lot of rose gold. And this looks nothing like it. Swagger is very cool in tone, and definitely has more of a pink undertone than a copper undertone (rose gold is made by adding copper to gold).

Also, it is a glittery metallic, which made it apply and remove like a glitter. The underlying glitter is a solid silver.

Due to glitter concentration, this wasn't actually as difficult to remove as a sparser glitter. It still isn't a favorite of mine.

This was the manicure I wore to the Black Eyed Peas concert. It was a Fergie homage. And the homage came to a close the next day.

No shrinkage, tip wear, or chipping by 24 or so hours. This seemed to hold up well, but I wasn't putting the mani through a typical day's wear.

Barielle Hydrating Silk base
2 coats Swagger
Diamont Top coat

Swagger dried quickly, and Diamont really was an afterthought.

Ginger+Liz Swagger on pointer and ring, China Glaze Delight on middle. (As as aside, all of my CG polishes are starting to lose their script, as seen in the bottle above. I've got black paint flecks on everything!)

China Glaze Robotika on middle and pinky.

China Glaze Hi-Tek above and below. Hi-Tek has the warmer glow I was hoping for and expecting from Ginger+Liz Swagger.  And Hi-Tek isn't all that warm, so this shows the ultra cool shading of Swagger.

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