04 March 2010

Vogue 8546 - Dress Pattern

Simple princess seamed knit dress with keyhole bodice.

The keyhole is not at all deep, and perfectly wearable to a variety of functions.

I made the dress pattern with sleeves for a work appropriate outfit ... for those throw and go days.

A Vogue wardrobe pattern, this had a mix of pieces that appealed to me. But now that I've made up the dress, I am less impressed.

The shaping of the princess seams is really throwing me. The inward turn to the centerpoint seems ... odd. And I'm just not sure the keyhole is me.

Pattern Adjustments -
- size 12 bodice to 14 hips

- added 5/8" to the length at waist

- sway back adjustment by NOT adding length at the center back and incrementally rotating out the waistline to meet the added length in front

- dropped bust point by 1 inch

I lengthened the hem by one inch and added a one inch hem facing. I like deeper hems in knits. The hem is totally off ... I did not walk the pattern so: either the back pieces are too long in the pattern OR I added too much length to the back. The jury is out.

I added pockets, but got the opening too shallow ... ugh. It works to hold a cellphone, the most important job at the moment. When my alarm buzzed today in class, I could feel it radiate up the length of the fabric ... I was leaning over enough that I couldn't feel it against my leg. That was an odd sensation.

I also reworked the facing to catch in the armscye, and interfaced the neckline all around.

This is the very last of my bird family knit. Some of the cheapest fabric I have ever found in my life. It ate up needles like they fall from the sky. There are so many skipped stitches! The fabric stiffness has added wrinkles galore and makes the dress fall away from the body.

I do think half of my problems are solely due to the fabrication used. But that has little effect on the keyhole and princess seams.

I am tempted to make this without the keyhole in a nice fabric before I make a final toss or keep decision for this pattern.

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