21 April 2010

Shades by Barielle Spicy Swatches

Shades by Barielle Spicy

This was three coats of lacquer, but this formula is amazingly quick drying.  So while I usually can't stand a three coater because of the dry time, this was lightning fast!

What else surprised me?  How many thread fuzzies I picked up while these coats were speed drying!!!  I have several strands of black winding their way through my lacquer application.

I'm somewhat iffy on the color. 

It is a muted red/orange.  Perhaps a dulled pumpkin?

But is it something I'll reach for again?  Hm ... I will need another test wear before deciding if this is a keeper or a donater.

Barielle Hydrating Ridge Base
3 coats Spicy
1 coat CND Air Dry

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