25 October 2010

China Glaze "Far Out" Swatch

"While the last rays of the sun lay dying ..."  I feel like I'm writing my dime store novel.

It is that time of year where the media is hyping Fall!  Fall color, fall texture, fall temperatures.

Houston does not feel very fallish, mid-summer perhaps, but NOT fall.  Not even fall anticipatory.

So I'm caught in a Fall mood, without a Fall environment with which to back it up.  Enter, China Glaze "Far Out" - a color I've never worn, and cannot now explain why.

Far Out is a lovely in-between color.  It is not as deep as a vampy, nor is it a light spring or summer color.  It is a muted rust color, neither too bright, nor too deep, nor too bronzey.  A Goldilocks color, or, perhaps more accurately, a baby bear color.

This almost fits my definition of Chestnut.  A deep reddened orange brown with a flash of fire.  The flash made obvious by the setting sun.

Far Out is usually quite tame and serene, until that sun lights it from within.

It has held up well with very little tip wear.  The first day I wore one coat atop Nubar NuNails (to retard any staining).  I finally got a second coat of lacquer on the third day (this semester is just really weird, I cannot settle into the schedule) ... a bit of tip wear on the first coat.  Here is two days after second coat application and four days after first coat application.  I applied CND "Air Dry" after the second coat of lacquer.

I do like to space out my coats if possible, which I believe leads to greater longevity.  However, the second coat took way too long.  I'm pleased with the wear I've gotten from this odd application schedule of mine.

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