25 October 2010

OPI "Who the Shrek are You?" swatch

OPI, I am very disappointed!  (Fifth Element Oldman flash!)

Who the Shrek are You? is so ugly, you want to like it for that alone.  You want to reassure the color, "While others may turn away, I will wear you with pride!"  Except, WTSAY? is not just the green monster, but the green pigmentless monster!  RUN AWAY, RUN AWAY!!!

Probably the worst balding color I have ever seen, except for a couple of sheer nudes ... Zoya Lulu and Revlon Sheer Nude spring to mind.

Three mid-thick coats later, and I still have bald spots ... with a pea green nail polish.  Ick.  Unfortunately, this color is a waste of time, energy, and money.

I can only see it being used in nail art ... preferably as a background color, NOT a base color.  Foliage perhaps?

This is being jettisoned from my collection as I write.  I'll try China Glaze's "Treehugger" instead.

I could not imagine taking a photo of my right foot.  From five plus feet away, you cannot tell much.  But inch a little closer and baldzilla rears its head on my big toe ... "Aarrrggg!"  Can Mothra be far behind?

Bye, bye, baby, bye, bye ...

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