31 August 2012

BB Couture Butt-Naked Bronze Swatch and Review

BB Couture Butt-Naked Bronze is almost a light cocoa.  Depending on the light source, it can appear cool or warm, and neither source makes it look good with my skin.

It is lightly pigmented, slightly streaky, and sparsely populated by holographic glitter that flashes red, green, and gold.

I saw this on another blogger, and absolutely fell head over heels.  But her skin was more pigmented, and now that I have this color on ... I am not drawn to it.

Bye-bye BNB.  I'm starting to get very low on BB Couture polishes.  I think this is another company that does not cater to my skin specifics.  Much like cult nails, they simply do not have a large enough hold on the market to create for warm skinned individuals.

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