31 August 2012

Simplicity 3775

Dresses are so easy to wear.  The throw and go cop out when you don't want to think about dressing.

Why do I not have more?

In between wanting to finish a Knip Mode top and start cutting out a quick quilt top, I want another dress.  I have chosen the ubiquitous Simplicity 3775.  The dress everyone and their canine have made.  It must be a good pattern if every sewer on the face of the earth has made this pattern.  I wonder how many of these have been sold compared to the average pattern sale?

Google reports 74,000 hits on a search for this pattern.  For Jalie 2682, a "fairly" common Jalie, there is less than 5k hits.  Hm.  Is everybody on to something?

I've got two thin rayon fabrics, a pattern and a solid.  I'm planning to use the patterned rayon for bodice front, sleeve lining, skirt hem, and belt piece.  I think the fabric is thin enough that I need to double the bodice and probably the skirt as well. 

I'll be using the wrap front, because the one piece front has way too high a neckline.  Being that I'm right between sizing, I'll be using a 12 for the bodice front and a 14 elsewhere.  This can get interesting at the sleeve seam, but with a knit, I don't worry about exact matching.

Results after finishing the dress: it is gappy at the neckline and threatens to show my assets to the world.

Needless to say, this has gone in the donate pile, unphotographed due to the sheer horror of the result.

Not everybody has my body, and what works for the majority obviously does not work for me.  One day, I'll work out my perfect wrap top pattern.  Simplicity 3775 is not it.

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