06 February 2008

NP - Nubar Options

Ah, HA! I've found it. A wonderful matte polish that is free of currently known nasty chemicals.

Introducing Nubar's Matte Finish Nail Protector

It dries quickly and lasts for a while. I recommend it for: when you want a fast protective nail coat with no shine, and when you want to mattify your polish.

I also found a polish that I've been searching for forever (meaning at least 10 years). When I was in HS, Cutex had this clear red polish. One of the only polish bottles I've ever emptied completely through constant use.

I've been searching for something similar from a 3 free company: zoya no dice, likewise OPI, and Revlon's options are disappointingly narrow ... enter Nubar.

Here is Bon Bon French Manicure:

This lovely, mild orange looking polish goes on with a deep sheer peach effect. My favorite of the two polishes I ordered from Nubar. It helps hide the fact that my nails beds are purple.

Here is Mon Amour French Manicure:

This color, which looks like clear red (more like the Cutex I remember) goes on almost color-less. I was expecting something with a little more pigment. Needless to say, this is not a favorite, and will probably be finding a new home.

Chipping and wear with such sheer shades is almost impossible to see, so this is a mani that lasts for a week or more with me. Wear seems no better or worse than any other "new" formula.

I've looked at their color cards and thought of ordering more. BUT, since they don't do ingredients lists on the bottle or on their propaganda ... I'm hesitant. They do say they are big 3 free, but what are they hiding???

Nubar Nail Polish - Check it out for yourself

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