12 February 2008

NP - Zoya - Natalie

Zoya Polish Review - Natalie

If you had told me I could keep a manicure, esp. a medium creme, on my nails for 8 days, I would have said, "You are ODing on a substance (legal or illegal), please stop."

I've never had a manicure last longer than 3 or 4 days on a medium to dark shade, much less a creme that shows every little mistake, chip, and wear point.

Here's my proof, 8 days (I've got to write it again, EIGHT DAYS!!!) of a mani:

Base - OPI Nail Envy Sensitive and Peeling Formaldehyde Free formula

Polish - Zoya Natalie (2 coats)

Top Coat - CND Air Dry

2nd Top Coat applied on day 3 - Zoya Armor Topcoat

Perhaps that second top coat saved me from early wear. I so rarely remember to reapply a top coat, I'm far too busy with other things.

BTW, all polish is 3 free. Mixing formulas (apparently) gives poor results.

Zoya Natalie is not the easiest polish to apply, I'd say it is a halfway polish (between shear and opaque), and if you apply too lightly you get streaks, but if you apply too much it is hard to thin it enough without destroying the application.

Regardless, I love the color. It is a russet, reddish brown. I'd call it the warm equivalent of a creme mauve. It blends with so many other colors. I've pretty much gone through an entire wardrobe considering how long this mani has lasted.

I don't recommend this for cool toned individuals, but for neutrals and warms looking for a medium creme.

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