23 February 2008

NP - OPI - I'd Like to Thank

Opi Polish Review "I'd Like to Thank"

I didn't even get the chance to add a second top coat. This manicure had massive chipping by the second day, especially on the pointer finger, and the polish came off at day three. I will have to admit that following the first round of chipping between day 1 and 2, the application settled out, and I did not have a noticeable wear difference between days 2 and 3.

I've got to agree with Cincyfan at http://www.alllacqueredup.com/, while this may be described as a copper shimmer, it has little warmth at all. "I'd Like to Thank" is a rosey mauve shimmer, but it has too much pink in it for me. While the pink doesn't show up much under my full spectrum light, it is almost garish under fluorescent office lighting.

I'm not real comfortable in this shade, though I don't think it looks all that bad. So I'd say it will definitely work for anyone near neutral coloration, but not either extreme of warm or cool.

I didn't have any application problems with this bottle. However, between the chipping and the pinkyness of the coloration, I'm tossing this bottle (i.e. finding some poor thing to foist it off on ... maybe my SIL).

Additionally, since I've got small fingers, I dread applying polish to my pinky nail with OPI's "ProWide Brush." It is as wide as my nail and makes application near the cuticle an exercise in patience. Also, it is very easy to overload the "ProWide." *sigh* Then again, the narrowness of other brushes makes application to the rest of the nails time consuming. I need to ponder on which I prefer ...

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