28 May 2009

Restaurant Concerns for Vegans and those with Food Allergies

Expanding on our restaurant problems:

I went to a new middle eastern kabob restaurant a couple of weeks ago and ordered the mixed appetizer platter. I requested that the waitress ask the kitchen what on the appetizer I couldn't eat due to the dairy allergy (I was expecting her to tell me the Tzatziki yogurt sauce was the only thing off limits). Well, lo and behold the hummus and babaganoush had "milk by-product" in them. I was shocked. I've been making hummus for years, and I've yet to come across a recipe that calls for milk (or its by-products) and in a search for babaganoush recipes I found the same thing. I was ready to send the appetizer back and say I wasn't paying for it since I couldn't eat the main foods I bought it for. How utterly disappointing. You can't let your guard down for a minute!

And this also tells me how accurate are the "homemade" claims of this restaurant. I don't know about you, but I pick up "milk by-product" powder in my grocery aisle ALL THE TIME!!! Sheesh, makes me wish I enjoyed cooking.

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