28 May 2009

Some of my favorite recipes ... searching for cheese!

I guess I've been following a Vegan diet for about a year now. It's difficult only when going to restaurants and grocery shopping. I don't have much trouble "denying" myself (let's not talk about the chocolate), and I don't miss much from my previous dietary life. I don't even miss cheese itself. Sure, the smell of a block of Swiss or Colby or Mozzarella on the counter can make my mouth water, but I don't usually miss cheese. (I don't miss smelly French cheeses at all, I never handled strong cheeses well. That just means I left plenty for the person who does!)

I've been on the hunt for a couple of good faux cheeses. Macaroni and Cheese was a childhood staple. I think Mom gave up trying to make us eat healthy all the time, and a box of Mac and cheese was the thing we loved as kids (with hot dogs cut up and swirled around in the cheesy goop left behind). I've tried a couple of recipes, and they are usually edible. But only one gets two thumbs up.

Faux Mac N Cheese - Allison Rivers Samson's Mac 'n' Cheese is a VegNews favorite and I can see why ... I've made it twice, and even the omnivore in the family enjoyed it. I cut down the sea salt and margarine (in half I think) as it was too fatty and way too salty the first time around. I love how much zing this has in it.

The one thing I've have missed more than anything with my Vegan adventure is cheesy nachos ... chips, chili, and melted cheese. I could do the chips and chili, but there wasn't any cheesy goodness to add on top. And the faux cheeses at the grocery store just didn't do it for me (there used to be a Monterrey Jack that was fairly edible, haven't seen it in years though). However, this mustard dip is a good replacement. The hubby said, "Kinda bland" when he tried it. To which I replied, "Good, that means I'll get to eat it all." (Um, I'm married to a metabolic menace, and I cannot tell you how many times I've gone to the fridge to get something, and the MM has already polished off the item in question. It is nice to make something for me, knowing that it will be there the next time I check ... root beer, melon, soy yogurt, and now vegveeta are on this list.)

Faux Cheese Dip - Dreena Burton's Vegveeta is a Kira favorite.

Obviously, it is not going to taste like cheese, but it tricks my taste buds enough that I thoroughly enjoy my nachos now. :) It also keeps pretty well in the fridge for several days. I've made it three times and it usually lasts me four or so days.

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