12 February 2010

The Recent OhNos Polishes

For lack of great swatches, rotten to non-existent descriptions, and/or manufacturer blobs, every polish order inevitably reveals some OhNos upon package opening.

OhNos are polishes that make you want to cry because they either: 1) are so totally NOT your color, OR 2) are so close but still lots-o-ugly on the nail.

I'm packing up my latest OhNos collection for delivery to the local nail salon, so without further adieu, that which made me cry ...

Nubar Dark Plum on pinky and middle.

Zoya Kierra on ring and pointer.

Both of these were a thin streaky mess to apply. The first coat was atrocious, but they both settled (mostly) with coat two. I suspect polish addicts would want a third coat.

I can't see myself in either the way too purple leaning Dark Plum nor the magenta of Kierra.

SpaRitual Pinks: Love Your Mother (darker middle and pinky) and Weathered the Storm (the carnationy color on pointer and ring)

These both applied nicely but had the typical slow dry of SpaRituals.

Weathered the Storm is a slightly "warmed" pink that I would never be caught with on my fingers. A real clash with the yellow.

Love Your Mother is a mauve that I'm iffy over. I still can't see myself reaching for it. So I should get rid of it, or should I? Maybe the name is giving me trouble. I have a good relationship with my mother, so I can't donate "Love Your Mother?" It could be 100% psychological.

Nfu-Oh 31, a peach ... with pink shimmer. Ick.

Great application from what I remember.

No longevity reading since I pulled it off after 5 minutes.

One coat of Nfu-Oh 46 ... magenta base.

Nfu-Oh 46 with two coats.

I ordered this after seeing it described as an "orange" based red. So totally NOT orange based.

The lacquer base is a deep magenta, which places this firmly in the "cool" portion of the red spectrum.

However, having worn several Nfu-Oh flakies, I have come to the conclusion that there are two flakie types: cool flakies and warm flakies. The cool flash blue and green. The warm flash green and orange.

The flakie of Nfu-Oh 46, as well as most of the other non-blue/purple colors, is the warm based flakie that flashes orange and green. As such, I suppose I can see why someone would label this a warm polish, though I disagree.

Zoyas Demi, Ciara, and Coco ... all red-violet based colors ranging from very purple to very red, with the muted Coco reaching the plum definition.

Zoya Ciara, a very red leaning red-violet. I would be comfortable calling this a berry color. Pretty, but also pretty bright, and not a color for which I would ever reach.

Zoya Demi, a very purple leaning red-violet. Again, another pretty, though bright color. If it will only collect dust in my own drawers, why not give it a chance to live on another nail?

Zoya Demi on left, Ciara in middle, and Coco (the one I kept) on the right.


Susan said...

Hi Kira, I should wonder if you could have a friend or two or your mother look at your hands before you decide something doesn't suit? I think the clash with your skin of some of these actually look good, particularly Demi and Ciara. But of course I can only see the camera shot - not real life.

What colours would you say give you 'lobster hands'? I hate it when we have been lusting after a gorgeous colour and it just doesn't work on us, lol.

Kira said...


:) Demi and Ciara are both definitely "in my wheelhouse" as far as coloring goes. And the main problem is while I'm drawn by bright colors (and buy them on occasion), I won't *wear* bright colors.

I prefer moderately muted colors.

This has really been highlighted for me with a co-worker whose description, at the surface, kinda describes my twin: tall, long red hair, warm coloring, etc.

However, her coloring is bright where mine is not. Which is why she looks awesome in orange, and I look much better in pumpkin.

I could see my co-worker in Demi and Ciara, but they would just gather dust in my collection.

I made a pact with a friend, if it isn't perfect, I'm not keeping it. I now have a smaller collection of absolutely perfect polishes. I'm okay with that.

While I hated to admit it before my mega purge, I get lobster hands with the lighter warm colors ... they just wash me out. So while I lust after the "dirty nudes": dijons, mustards, and camels, they look so much better on more pigmented skin tones (or, snarkily, skin with any pigment to it since I seem devoid!)

My best lighter colors are: China Glaze II, Color Club Love 'Em/Leave 'Em, Rescue Beauty Lounge Ani, OPI DS Classic, Shades by Barielle Sand-al Chic and Skinny Dip, and Zoya Lulu.