23 February 2010

RGB Cognac Review

Another high priced polish with lackadaisical longevity. Some tip wear and cracktastic nature revealed before two days were up.

Beautiful application and fairly quick drying ... though not too. It was amazingly easy to fix boo-boos.

This is a gorgeous, though dark, color. A deep rust, or orangey-red color. It dried darker on the nail than the bottle color.

1 OPI Envy base coat
2 lacquer coats
1 CND air dry coat

These pictures are from 36 hours wear at the most, and this is how they looked after only 12 hours wear. I guess that means after the first days wear, this polish settles down and you don't have further wear the next day.

As such, tip wear is a concern within hours of application. I had a minor chip at the nail edge. This just doesn't fit my needs for longevity.

I'm getting sick of buying high price point polishes that give me crappy wear times. I'm now concerned about the Illamasqua and Barielle polishes I've ordered. I read great reviews on products, but I'm having a poor experience with them.

Not recommended for office wear due to poor longevity.

This would be beautiful in a warm brown gradation ... but should I bother keeping it for such a rarely used reason?

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