23 February 2010

Rescue Beauty Lounge Bruised Review

Rescue Beauty Lounge's Bruised Swatch and Wear

Bruised is just gorgeous in so many ways. Beautiful reddened deep plum color. Much darker than I expected from other swatches.

No pulls and very little streaking. You could get by with one coat IF you were in a hurry. I had excellent coverage with two light coats.

Awesome formula, crappy brush. This is only the second or so bad brush I've come along. It made application near the cuticles a nightmare. I need to figure out how to replace the brush.

If was very glossy with a top of CND Air Dry.

HOWEVER, the downside is that I had horrid chipping within 5 hours. ON. BOTH. HANDS.

Before I write it off, I will have to try again because my nails are going through the winter peelies. I want to figure out if that is causing the chipping, or if it was the two coats of Nail Envy I started with, or a severe dislike of Air Dry TC. ???

It does make me thankful that I don't like most of RBLs polish colors. I hope longevity is better next time around. Compared to my $3.00 China Glaze polishes, so far, not overly impressed.

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