12 November 2014

Day 5 - Oregon and Yellowstone Trip


Yoga in the morning, and a picture of my Pincha Mayurasana.  And I got into it fairly easily.  Whew.

The belt around my arms keeps my elbows from splaying out, something I just cannot yet control without assistance.

Pack, run load of dishes, toss towels in washer.

Head out to Corvallis to look at a house for sale and a quick exposure to the city as a possible retirement community.

Himself's comment on Corvallis is that the downtown area looks well cared for, with none of the disuse we see in some downtowns.

Not run down and not ritzy is a follow up as we drive through Junction City.

The house is on property that is much more elevationally exposed than the photos reveal.  I do like the community though, so I will keep an eye on property in the area.

I notice a lot of wildlife along the major roadways.  That indicates a fairly healthy ecosystem, or they would not be so close to civilization.

Himself is determined to use the Garmin GPS unit to navigate to gas stations.  If it says there's an Exxon there, there should be an Exxon.  Unless it has another name and Garmin has not updated their system.  Disregard the fact that I have the exxonmobil site pulled up on my phone showing the current locations, nope, you will enter the data that Garmin tells you to ... So, fine.  

At least we are not driving out if the way when we get to the ConocoPhillips station that Garmin has directed us to visit!!!  And Kira is right again.

Lunch at Cornbread Cafe, Fried Tempeh with Mac n UnCheese, and fries; a salad; and portobello with mashed potatoes and gravy, and sautéed spinach.  I get too many desserts to go ... And himself gets jalapeño cornbread to go!  :)

We drive along watching the terrain get hillier and drier as we head south.

Stop at Ashland co-op for food fixins.  I'm quite impressed by the co-ops in Oregon, they are well stocked and highly variable.  

Slowly wending our way to the rental south of the city, the area is gorgeous, dry, and isolated.

Weather tells me it will not be dry much longer.

No wi-fi, no internet at all.  But we do have a tv, and room for yoga downstairs.  I may be doing a LOT of yoga in the next couple days ...

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KathleenS said...

Himself doesn't trust the Exxon website??