12 November 2014

Day 6 - Oregon and Yellowstone Trip

The morning dawns with Himself's phone going, beep, beep, beep ... with in-coming messages.  I fixed mine shortly after I got it, no sleepy-time beeps for me (except emergencies).

We see deer, rabbit, wild turkeys, squirrels, and small birds roaming the yard at 6 am.  This would a rafter of wild turkeys ... the non-alcoholic kind.

Breakfast is yogurt, granola, oatmeal, blackberries, apple, and dessert nibbles from "Cornbread Cafe."

We also watch low hanging clouds pour down the hillside.  A fascinating experience, I've never seen this kind of cloud movement in hilly terrain.  A poor video was taken, but video does not accurately represent reality in any way.

Start - Cloud bank moving in from the upper right. 

Finish - several hours later cloud bank covers the hills and valleys in fog.

We go for a hike around the property, but do not even make it one mile.  If I desire to maintain my cardiovascular health, I am going to have to start running while vacationing.  It is a good thing I've started working on my Jalie running short draft.  I need a bit more depth of body, but they have been excelling in yoga practice this vacation.

Lunch and dinner came from the fridge at the rental.  I am grateful for the oatmeal one renter left behind!

A panoramic view from our walk ... as the rain begins.

The rain begins to fall while exploring, and we head in.  I do not know why we bring rain gear on every single vacation!  It starts to rain, and himself heads for shelter.  No more rain gear on vacation Kira, you do not need to waste the space.

So far, I have not made use of my long sleeved items, my woolen pants (Icebreaker), nor my recent New Look woolen maxi skirt.  However, a quick look at the upcoming weather for Jackson, WY and West Yellowstone, MO lead me to believe I made the right choice in packing my winter weight items.

 Asolo Athena

I never realized how warm hiking boots could be until I started wearing my recent Asolo Athena acquisitions.  They will be must haves for future winter trekking.  They are not the best for slippery situations, but very little is in my experience. My VFF kangaroo leather trail shoes are, but the trade off is the lack of warmth ... and water absorption. They gain a lot of weight on a moist trail, even from morning dew.

 VFF KSO Trek, before soaking.

As for "accessories" I brought two sets of earrings for my double pierced lobes, and wear them daily.  I brought a single necklace, likewise to the earrings as to wear use.  I've slept in earrings and necklaces previously, but I no longer find that comfortable, so they rest by my bedside at night.  I put them on first thing in the morning. 

I brought no makeup, and that works well.  I never stop to think, man, I wish I had mascara, or blush, or foundation.  :)

Cococare's 2 oz bottle of oil.  I used it daily and still have most of the bottle remaining.

 Out of Africa's unfragranced Shea Butter, with vitamin E as a preservative.  I used half the tin.

I did bring a small bottle of oil in addition to my solid Shea Butter tin.  Both get regular use.  The Shea Butter helps with some extreme dryness I've been experiencing, mostly from wind.  And the oil helps my hands recover from the incredibly drying soaps everyone and their dog put out for use.  Honestly, I should bring my own soap to every restaurant, grocery, homestead, and rental I visit.  I'm tired of smelling perfume when I eat!

My Sherpani Soleil backpack, purse, and tote convertible is working out exactly as I needed.  My only complaint is that none of the smaller pockets inside are large enough to hold my wallet, so it rests at the bottom.  I would prefer an inside zippered pocket for wallet.  

I do find the non-removable tote carriers a bit irritating when I'm trekking along with any speed (they can bump against my neck).  But it was just what I needed, as revealed by my previous travel experience, and practically perfect in size.

Tom Bihn Aeronaut, purchased in Forest, now offered in Olive ... of course!

I also greatly appreciate my Tim Bihn Aeronaut - carry on size and has built in backpack straps.  It has worked out well, though I am second-guessing my decision NOT to buy packing cubes.  I could use a bit more "ease of room" to pack.  It is not packed to the brim, but close!  The extreme weather I've anticipated in my packing certainly does not help ... Days in the 90s (32C) and some evenings anticipated in the 20s (-6C).  A bit of a temp swing.  Layering just does not quite cover it.


Manduka eKO Superlite Travel Mat

And my Manduka eKO Travel Yoga Mat has been a very useful purchase.  It is getting daily use, and is loads better than either a bare floor or a towel.  Is it as good as a full size (and thickness) yoga mat?  Absolutely not!  However, it is a great alternative to nothing at all.  If it lasts for 4 trips, I will consider it money well spent.  Especially since I can (and do) fold it up in my Aeronaut traveling between destinations.

I'm sketching regularly on my SketchBook app by AutoDesk, and it is incredibly useful ... one can save those images in the photo album.  I like to sketch quilt ideas in it.  And clothing ideas.  And landscapes.  And generally just play around with the app.

I appreciate more and more the aspects of smart phones that make saving thoughts and ideas easier than carting notebook and pen everywhere.  I know some people work with that system well, but I always returned with notebooks that got put away, generally losing the included info for years (perhaps decades).

I resisted a smartphone for quite some time, Himself had to twist my arm (figuratively) forcefully before I caved.  Mostly, I resisted due to the recurrent cost issues, I'm cheap that way.  However, they have me now.  I'm not sure I could easily transition back.

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