25 November 2014

Day 7 - Oregon and Yellowstone Trip

We awaken to 3 adult and 4 youthful deer nibbling on the front lawn.

Breakfast at rental and then planning the day, hiking "Pilot Rock."  


Pilot Rock is a very steep climb for us, 1000 ft (just over 300 m) elevation change.  Whew!  Exhausting.  The area is quiet and lovely.  Mgmt had recently gone through and created a new pathway to the rock base as the regular path was too damaged from storms and hikers.  Well, it was not too well marked ... so we took the old steep path up.  I was getting concerned about my footing, when we met up with the new trail, and took it to the top.

The top of Pilot Rock - it is drizzling and we decide this is far enough
With pausing for breath and pictures, that elevated 1 mile took us 40 minutes! :)  And we are in fairly good shape!!!

Truck gauge read 47 degrees (8 C) when we returned from our hike ... no wonder my hands and forearms were so numb.

The cold wore me out.  And I will spend the rest of the day recovering ... and napping.

We head out tomorrow, and I discovered Lassen National Park as a long way round to Sacramento.  Himself is thrilled.

We saw a gorgeous rainbow off the front door this afternoon.  It was a double rainbow ... Two separated in the sky.  BUT, the brighter rainbow had three prism replicates within it ... I thought I may have picked up a fourth in a glimpse or two.

I will be sad to leave Oregon.  I like the state.

Time to pack.

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