25 November 2014

Day 8 - Oregon and Yellowstone Trip

Get up early, 5 am, and out the door by 5:40.

41 F (5 C) according to auto.

Pretty neat to drive through cloud banks in Northern California.

Road work slows us down for a couple miles.

Gas $4.00/g at the Chevron in McCloud.

Reach Lassen Volcanic National Park.  Summit 8511 ft and 32 degrees.  Strange on both accounts for this southern flat lander.

A steep hike would have taken us to the summit.

32 F on the dash

This is the first time I have experienced geothermal activity.  Photos and videos obtained to wow and/or bore future captive audiences ...  

And walked a 3+ mile trek to Bumpass Hell and back.  I'm going to blame our heavy breathing on the altitude! We were exhausted at the apex of the climbs.  Luckily we both recovered quickly.

Nope, not making up the Bumpass Hell bit ...

As we were returning, the school field trippers arrived.  OMG, that many kids just should not be in that confined an area.  Their concentration is far too high.

Navigating Sacramento is a pain.  As with Seattle, we need to drop the car fast and leave the mean streets.  Yuck.

Dinner and groceries at Whole Foods, then drop the car.

A taxi cab back to the hotel, and sleep.

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