14 December 2014

Day 9 - Oregon and Yellowstone Trip

Up at 6, wait for disappointing breakfast to open at 7, I got an apple.  Woopdeedoo.

The workout room has a treadmill, step machine, bike, and weight station with 40 and 45 pound dumbbells.  All the others have been ... stolen?  (An inquiry at the front desk agrees with my assessment)

And, of course, the treadmill has been positioned to give a great ass view to anyone walking past the door!

Eat breakfast from purchased groceries: yogurt, granola, berries, and peanut butter.

We will spend the day at the California State Railroad Museum.  

Wander to the train station in preparation for tomorrow's departure for Reno.  Then to the old Sacramento area to await the museum opening.  I try some yoga poses, but I'm really not warm enough yet!  "Fall upon butt" is the resulting pose.  :)

Once inside the museum, Himself heads immediately for a particular engine, "Do you recognize it?"

Me, "It looks like a train engine."

Himself, "But it's the only cab forward steam engine we have!"

Me, "It still looks like a train engine to me!  Big, black, and rectangular."  

Apparently I do not have the eye!

Today is a free day for the museum, it is absolutely overrun with children.  Wow.

I'm sitting and listening to an audiobook while Himself photos engines.

Return to hotel for lunch, and run into a SpiderMan Movie marathon.  We'd re-watched part one a few days ago, and happily sat through most of 2 and all of 3.  And than the re-boot of "Amazing SpiderMan."  Having been thoroughly enchanted by Tobey Maguire's SpiderMan, I was prepared for disenchantment with the reboot.  Eh, I'm 50/50 about it.  The original trilogy was developing a wonderful maturity and I had been anticipating the last two movies (perhaps their development even provided a template for the rebooted Star Trek movies, to which I give two thumbs up).  As such I was disturbed by the immaturity (understandable with the characters ages) in the rebooted "Amazing SpideMan."

I felt they were a bit more fluffy (in writing) than I prefer my actors.  

A good dinner from grocery store, uh, stores.

I took advantage of the workout room and ran 2.25 miles on the treadmill before using the limited weight set.  The run felt good, and I only curbed the run due to my feet aching and concern with hotspot development.  Barefoot running on a treadmill takes a while for the feet to adapt.  The most I've ever done previously was 1 mile, so the 2.25 was a pleasant surprise.  This belt was softer and more thoroughly worn than mine at home.

So deadlifts, squats, and push-ups were the extent of my lifting.  Boo.  I do not blame the hotel, but I do wonder how long the weights have been gone?  That set was not new.

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KathleenS said...

I'm guessing the hotel don't fancy their chances of hanging on to replacement weights either.