14 April 2013

St. John's, NL, CA vacation day 1 and 2

I flew Air Canada from Houston to Toronto and then to St. John's.  Total flight time is fairly short, but layovers, customs, and finding my through unfamiliar airports did take the entirety of the day.  I left my house just before 5:30 am and arrived in St. John's at 7:00 pm (4:30 pm Houston time).

I went looking for Canadian fashion magazines while in the Toronto airport, and picked up Flare, Elle Canada, Fashion, and Canadian Running.

I caught a (non-smoking!) taxi from the airport to my rental at 21 Prospect Street.  It has a lovely view of the shipping lane, or "The Narrows."

No automatic dishwasher, but then, that would reduce the roominess of the kitchen.  I'd probably put in a drawer size dishwasher if it was my place.

We walked by the Rocket and picked up some extras for snacking.

Dinner at Piatto, where we met some friends of the hubbies by accident , and set up a dinner for Saturday night.  I had a basic cheeseless pizza, and after it arrived the hostess noticed that they missed adding the vegetables I asked for.  She quickly ordered a replacement, and told me to snack on the 'wrong' one - how often does that happen!

I crashed really early and slept late.  Breakfast was leftover pizza and Rocket granola.  We watched the news, and realized there is not much going on except for the launching of a large ship and the return of a terrorist to Canadian shores.

We watched ships from our living room and snoozed on the couch until it was time to get ready for our dinner with friends: J, D, T, and K.  The Sprout was my choice and seemed to be acceptable

I had: a salad (tasty house), the Papa Ghandi chickpea dish, and dessert of carrot cake and berry tart - I made the spouse order a dessert so I could try both.

We stayed too late at the restaurant chatting, and then spent even more time chatting outside the restaurant - I don't think any of us really wanted to leave such excellent company.

A swift, and chilly, walk home brings us to our lovely temporary abode.  I am so glad we are not in a hotel!

We finally left the house and headed to the farmer's market about a mile uphill.  The spouse had been told the market did not have produce, but we found broccoli, carrots, parsnips, tomatoes, and potatoes.  On the way back we hit Sobey's grocery store for tofu, peppers, pasta, and fruit.

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