14 April 2013

St. John's, NL, CA vacation day 3

We slept late and awoke to a beautiful day.  Our host called to complete the transaction of our rental stay, and we found out that we do not need to do anything special to leave the house.

One of our friends from dinner last night heads a department at MUN, Memorial University, and offered to show us around the campus.  How exciting!

To my surprise, in addition to a driving tour of the campus, however, we also got an awesome tour of St. John's including Cape Spear, Signal Hill, neat local neighborhoods, and two unforgettable shoreline walks with he and his dog, Terra!

We may have also gotten a moderate sale on the city itself.  It is the kind of natural nature that we appreciate.  I do not need a sandy beach to lie upon, but I like to watch the waves crashing in.

Some of the biggest problems we've heard about is parking in and around the city.  While the population has grown greatly in the last eight years, the city adds only houses, not parking.

Otherwise, every person we have dealt with has been kind, courteous, and helpful.  From the guy who directed us to the grocery store, to the checker at the store, drivers along the street, and every person along the way.

We snacked for a late lunch and headed out for a walk around 5 pm.  On our way back, we stopped by Pi, a gourmet pizzeria.  I have to admit that I like their pizza better than Piotta.  More ingredients, more unusual combinations, and lots of sauce options.  Additionally, since it is not an authentic "Italian" wood-burning stove pizza it was absent of those topping and sauce free bubbles of dough through half the pizza.  Luckily it also comes covered completely in toppings and "Follow Your Heart" vegan gourmet mozzarella cheese.  

The spouse cooked scallops on the stove, and did all the dishes left in the sink ... I am so proud (sniff) ... I did not think he knew how to do dishes by hand anymore!

Packing up for our morning leave.

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