14 April 2013

St. John's, NL, CA - Vacation day 5

Finally crawl out of bed to a bright, sunny day.  The allergies are worse, and breathing is a mouth open affair.

I can see a view that was totally obscured yesterday, and realize that there are, in fact, many people either living or owning houses in this little cove.

I sent off my acceptance of the offer I was made for this new job (and started my "accomplish this" before to-do list: you know - haircut, make sure wardrobe up to snuff, have car checked - it will be getting lots of miles now).

Then the spouse and I walked along a short section of the East Coast Trail ... it is not far from our backyard.  It is lovingly maintained by someone because it is far too fresh to be left to linger.  We came upon an area marked as "swamp" on the map, and the spouse remarked upon such.  It does look a bit like a grassland, until you look closer.  The plants are, in fact, round leaved juncus species - a water loving plant.  And sure enough, later on we found a deep indention filled with water.  Knowing your plant life would be very helpful along such new surroundings.  While I cannot tell you what species of juncus it is, I can tell you for certainty that it is a water plant.

After getting our ears freeze dried by the wind for as long as we could take, and staring at some awesome rocky shore and wave interaction, we headed back to the cabin for a rest, so that I could feel sorry for myself in my allergy ridden state.

And can I just write that I really wish iPad had a move button - up, down, right, left.  My Nokia phone has this, and it makes navigating to fix spelling errors so much easier than iPad's "No, no, just move your finger around, and you will hit the problem eventually."  I finally had to turn off the spelling fix, because it causes far more mistakes than it fixes.  Arg.  Irritating machinery.

The spouse is off to the local grocery for oil, cooking oil.  Four jars of peanut butter (we only brought one of these) and no cooking oil.  Who stocks these places?  Not to mention the spatula is broken, and the non-stick pan has lost its coat.  I like to think that I would be a much more conscientious host were I to run a rental property for vacationers.

I've been reading through the Canadian fashion mags I picked up at the airport, and I quite like some of them.  They do not feel as overexposed as a lot of the American mags.  I may look into a subscription when I return home.

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