14 April 2013

St. John's, NL, CA vacation day 4

My big job this morning was negotiating on a new job back home!  It is both exciting and a little trepidatious, as I am expected to do big things with a small amount of support at the beginning.  But I like the group I interviewed with, and expect it will all gel with a few bumps along the way.

The spouse was off to get the rental car while I was on the phone long distance to the states.

When he returned the call was complete and I was packed and ready to go.  The sky was definitely getting dreary by this time, and while I suggested we consider doing something in the city since we had wheels, he suggested that a grocery trip and the drive to our next place would be adventure enough for the day.

Turns out, he was right.

The grocery store ... This was our second trip to a Sobeys, and we have heard nothing but complaints about prices since we arrived.  In fact, that and St. John's parking seems to be the biggest problem of natives and locals alike.

However, our one week grocery trip cost us about $160 CA, and that sounds right.  Yes, I would expect it to cost me somewhere around $115 to $125 US.

The trip out to Bears Cove was slightly nerve wracking as fog was thick and low.  Luckily, the road crews keep the roads clear and slow downs carefully mark upcoming lights and cross traffic.  I would NOT want to meet a drunkard out here, dangerous.

Our little house is fairly easy to find, with a partially obscured view of the shore that is blocked by another house.  I don't remember THAT from the website!

Kitchen- a measuring cup, how divine.  But the knives are, of course, crappy.  There is a noisy dishwasher and an ancient washer/dryer.

My main problem is allergies setting in, nose stuffed, and headache beginning.  

After arriving, the fog and rain descend to fill in every bare spot as we cart in our grocery booty, filling the counter.

A quiet night watching the fog, dealing with breathing difficulties, and listening to the rain fall down.

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