25 September 2012

I'm feeling a bit lizard-ly, snake-ish, visitor-like

This ... kept me away from running for two days.

This ... gave me the weirdest lump ever for a week.

This ... was obtained tracking down the laziest dog in the world.

This ... really did not hurt like I thought it would.

This ... is almost pretty: the color, the texture, the juxtaposition of pain and beauty! 

This ... is about 4" long teal to teal.

This ... is not longer quite so pretty, I have devolved into the jaundiced yellow phase.

I paste this, not because I like to show off bruises, but rather because I've never had one color in this pattern before.

Hence, the reason I'm feeling a bit reptilian.  Apparently, I'm dragon underneath.  I anticipate a long discussion with my mother ... this is going to be some confession.

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