28 September 2012

Review: HotPatterns Fringe Festival Scarf-T

Unfortunately, this got dumped in the trash before I had pictures of it.  Not because I didn't like the top, but because it developed a hole in the shoulder line after two wears.

My biggest problem with this pattern was the fabric I chose, a very thin rayon knit.  I think this pattern would be much better off in a medium weight knit, especially with consideration to how the scarf hangs.

I liked the cap sleeve, it has a cute shape.  A great summer weight shirt that would be more than acceptable in some work environments.

I did shorten it a bit, as I felt it was just too long, and I had an interesting experiment with the armhole seam.  I drew flaps on the traced pattern so that I could fold in and sew the armhole seam down after sewing the side seams.  It certainly worked, but I'm sure my face was unusually animated as I tried to figure out how and where to draw the flaps for later sewing ... a great fabric manipulation puzzle.

I may or may not make this pattern again.  It did feel like a short cut when I wore it (tops should be harder to sew!), and I felt the scarf was worthlessly floppy ... probably due to fabric choice. 

But, I also dislike raw edge patterns, and the raw edge of the scarf shows as it is only a single layer.  This could be fixed by doubling it, but then you have the issue of twice as much weight on the scarf.  Hm ...

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