24 September 2012

Review: Budokon Beginning Practice

Budokon Beginning Practice is a short martial arts and yoga blend fusion DVD.

I only lasted for 10 of the 15 minute opening yoga practice.  It goes very slowly, and I'm more used to Power Yoga.

The second portion of the practice is also only 15 minutes and consists of punching and kicking drills.  It is far too short.

In the 25 minutes that I exercised, I burned 76 calories.  This is not the DVD you grab when you want a burn.  This is the DVD you grab when you want to meditate.

I've kept it for years due to the martial arts aspect, but have only reached for the video a handful of times.  There is no real dread factor attributed to this workout, but an acknowledgement that I might be wasting my time. 

If I want yoga fusion, I have Iron Yoga and Yogilates DVDs.

If I want Yoga, I have most of what Shiva Rea has produced, as well as several Rodney Yea and Baron Baptiste titles.

If I want martial arts, I guess I have to be content with my kickboxing DVDs.

This would be an excellent introduction for both yoga and basic martial arts for a beginner, rank beginner.  As it is, I am placing this in the give away pile, not because the instructor annoys me, but because it simply is not the workout for me.


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