23 September 2012

Review: Dreena Burton "let them eat vegan!"

Based on the results of my experience with Burton's last cookbook "eat, drink and be vegan", I bought "let them eat vegan!" at Barnes & Noble recently.

It has not disappointed.  In fact, I may like it even better than edbv.

Apple Spice Hemp Pancakes
These do come out dense.  So for everyone who wants light and fluffy pancakes, this is not going to cut it.  But if you want a kick with your breakfast, try them out.  Delicious.  Full checkmark.

BBQ Sunflower Tofu
Extraordinarily delicious.  I would (and plan to) happily place this before a rabid carnivore and expect him/her to devour the dish.  It could be used both as a side and as a main.  Mmmm.  Full checkmark.

Fresh Blueberry Oat Square
Lovely for dessert or for breakfast.  It reheats well, and called to me all day long from the refrigerator.  The omnivore only had a single serving, because he is not a blueberry fan - fresh, frozen, or cooked.  But he did eat the entirety of that one serving ...  Full checkmark.

Boulangerie Potatoes with Sauteed Fennel and White Beans
Does it count if you leave out one major ingredient?  I'm not a licorice fan, and, therefore, not a fennel fan.  I replaced it with broccoli instead.  Lovely dinner.  Full checkmark.

White Bean Mashed Potatoes
How to get extra veggies in your omnivore (or kids)?  Feed them this recipe.  Legumes and squash are almost completely covered up by the white potatoes.  The omnivores only comment, "Why is it kinda orange?"  He ate many servings of this, that is a winner in my book.  Um, don't put it in the food processor like I did once, you end up with more of a soup than a mashed.  Full checkmark.

Corn Chowder Quinoa Casserole
Hands down, absolutely delicious.  I loved every bite.  I've made this a second time switching out the white beans for lentils, still delicious (add twice as much water as dry lentils before cooking).  Full Checkmark.

Panfried Falafel Patties
The only issue I had with these is that they absolutely would not fry in the pan.  So I've made a note, and changed the Panfried in the title to "Baked."  Full Checkmark.

Thai Chickpea Almond Currry
This went beautifully with the Indian inspired rice, and the scent of coconut filled the house.  Recommended combination.  Full checkmark.

Winter Veg Chickpea Pot Pie
Next time I will cut out the nutmeg because the sweetness was just a little high.  Regardless, this is the best Pot Pie I think I have ever had ... ever!  Goes great with the Rustic Piecrust.  Full checkmark.

Lemon Dijon Green Beans
Another tasty recipe that saw the green beans disappear fast (which is exciting since the omnivore does not like green beans, and usually has to be forced to eat them).  Full checkmark.

Indian-Inspired Rice
I spent the hour that it cooked with my head over the rice cooker.  Smelled great and tasted good.  A wonderful accompaniment to other Indian inspired recipes.  Full checkmark.

One of the few recipes the omnivore asks for again ... and again ... and again.  I think he likes it.  I do too.  It holds great in the fridge for several days.  Full checkmark.

Rustic Piecrust
Easy to make, fairly easy to work with.  I layered it over the Pot Pie recipe and the omnivore was giddy with delight (which meant he bounced on his toes once or twice.)  For a savory recipe, I would just leave out the sugar entirely, even with a tsp it is a touch too sweet for my tastebuds.  Full checkmark.

Juicy Grilled Portobellos
Who can resist a grilled portobello?  Quick and tasty.  Toss together the marinade, let sit for a couple hours, grill or fry in pan for 5 minutes 1st side and 2 minutes on other side.  Full checkmark.

So, 14 recipes, all keepers.  100/0.  Excellent odds.  Can you guess which cookbook I reach for first?

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