24 September 2012

Review: Gilad Elite Forces Fat Burning Workout DVD

Gilad is a fairly well know exercise instructor, and I have seen him on TV numerous times.  But this is the first (and I suspect last) video I've ever purchased of his.

The DVD runs 55 minutes, and is recommended for intermediate to advanced exercisers.  I'd recommend it for beginner to intermediate.  I think this is a fair introduction to kickboxing, but it is slow, stagnant, and repetitive.

I can't stand instructors who walk around the set, get in someones face, and says, ad nauseum, "How you doin'?  Ready for more?  What's next?  Who's ready to work out?"  This is not what motivates me, and it is not something I picked up on in the short video I watched before I bought the DVD.  I'm telling you, if you are advanced, leave it behind for someone else, because you will not like it.

I'm am dropping this off at the library so it can go entertain someone else.

The warm-up is fairly long, and slow.  I think it is a good start for someone new to the whole punching and kicking type routine.

Body - Cardio
A lot of slowly building combos interspersed with jumping rope and jumping jacks.

The combos did not build fast enough to satisfy me, and I was bored but determined to finish.

Body - Toning
Semi interesting toning workout that was far too short.  I think I was lifting heavier weights than he was ...

Cool Down
What?  There's a cool down?  Where?  Very short and inadequate ... as usual.

Issues -
He does not work each side evenly, completely missing a combo add on one side (he's not the first and he won't be the last instructor to do this).

He's too chatty and too walky.  Stand in front and lead the exercises!

The set is very loud as it is filmed on the deck of an amphibious assault ship.  It was nice to support and highlight our troops, but couldn't you dub over the noisiest parts?

Form is non-existent with this group.  So if you are a beginner, this is not a form improvement video.  Be careful of your back and your knees, because these people are all over the place.

The enthusiasm from the crew was lukewarm at best.  They weren't really working, just placing their punches delicately in the air.

I really punched, added in some extra work (kicks, etc) and didn't start to sweat until 30 minutes into the program.  30 minutes ... more than halfway.

I barely burned 300 calories.  I did not get tired physically, though mentally I was exhausted by the imaginary jumping rope.

Goodbye DVD, I've set you free to find a more appreciative home.


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